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New and Updated Wholehog Accessories Now Available

New and Updated Wholehog Accessories Now Available

New and Updated Wholehog Accessories Now AvailableAustin, TX – November 10, 2011 – Digital and Automated lighting pioneer High End Systems, a Barco company, is pleased to announce a new Wholehog MIDI/LTC Widget and cosmetic changes to other existing Wholehog accessory products.

The new MIDI/LTC widget replaces the original LTC Widget and adds additional MIDI functionality with MIDI in/out/thru capability. Packaged in a lightweight metallic black case, the Wholehog MIDI/LTC Widget connects to any USB enabled Windows PC, Road Hog console, or Wholehog 3 console to provide a single Linear Timecode input as well as MIDI input/output capabilities.

When used in conjunction with a Wholehog 3 console, Road Hog console, or Hog 3PC software, the new MIDI/LTC Widget provides a powerful level of timecode and MIDI functionality. This configuration provides an excellent solution for backup and show control applications.

All other Wholehog Widgets have also changed packaging to a modern, lightweight metallic black case. The single universe DMX Widget provides 512 channels of DMX via USB, while the four universe DMX Super Widget provides 2048 channels of DMX via USB.

In addition to the cosmetic change for Wholehog USB Widgets, the DMX Processor 8000 (DP8000) will soon receive a stylish update. The updated DP8000 will feature a larger LCD screen and metallic black finish. All functionality will remain the same as existing DP8000 units as the change is purely aesthetic.

The Wholehog line of consoles continues as the top choice of lighting professionals around the world. The release of version 3.2.0 software earlier this year added many new features to the already feature-rich lighting console range. The new, updated cosmetic appearance of the Wholehog accessories remains compatible with the entire range of products including the Road Hog Full Boar, Road Hog, Wholehog 3, and Hog 3PC. Customers should contact their High End representative or visit for further information.

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