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New Advanced Technology Goes Wild for Ayrton WILDSUN

New Advanced Technology Goes Wild for Ayrton WILDSUN

wildsuns-line-up-for-nat.jpgFrench entertainment lighting provider, New Advanced Technology (NAT), located 30km east of Paris, has just invested in no less than 375 units of Ayrton WILDSUN 500 K7 moving-heads, following several tests and comparisons with other manufacturers’ models.

Ayrton’s WILDSUN 500 K7 is equipped with thirty-one 6700K multi-chip LEDs and, with its 75% optical efficiency, WILDSUN 500 K7 is the most efficient model on the market.

WILDSUN 500 K7 delivers a massive 20,000 lumen output from a power consumption of only 380W. This amazing power and low consumption, in combination with the full motorization of the luminaire, make the WILDSUN 500 K7 particularly suitable for exhibitions and car shows, and the like.

The WILDSUN 500 K series is composed of 3 moving-heads:

WILDSUN 500 K3 : 3000 K white

WILDSUN 500 K7 : 6700 K white

WILDSUN 500 KD : variable white from 3000 K to 6700 K

New Advanced Technology also chose the same moment to invest in 200 Ayrton Arcaline 2 fixtures. The Arcaline 2 is a very powerful 16 x 10W RGBW LED batten. Its IP65 ingress protection level makes it is perfectly suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

More information on Ayrton WILDSUN 500 K series can be found at:

More information on Ayrton Arcaline 2 can be found at:

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