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NEUTRIK® Scores with opticalCON® and Sets Quasi-Standard Throughout the World

NEUTRIK® Scores with opticalCON® and Sets Quasi-Standard Throughout the World

Since its introduction to the market in 2006, Neutrik AG looks proudly at thousands of optical connector systems sales worldwide.

In the fields of audio-video-lighting control-data, the NEUTRIK® opticalCON® system has set a worldwide quasi-standard and thus joins the existing range of successful NEUTRIK® products, such as speakON® and powerCON® – just to name two of them.

Products of the opticalCON® series can be found in prestigious buildings such as Capitol in Washington D.C., the Marina Bay Resort in Singapore, the Government Building of Hong Kong, the Grand Opera of Oslo and in outside broadcast (OB) trucks of TPC Switzerland. Installations like these are important milestones for Neutrik AG, but they also mirror the continuing success story of NEUTRIK®: a business philosophy which is not only focussed on innovation, but also on the reliability, durability and ruggedness of their products for more than 35 years.

opticalCON® systems in OB van

NEUTRIK® – as far as ears can hear (and eyes can see) …. Numerous worldwide events make it evident, NEUTRIK® can be found on almost every stage. Wherever there is a need for reliable connectivity, you can discover NEUTRIK® products.

NEUTRIK's® vast range of products which meet nearly every requirement for connectors in the professional entertainment industry and millions of NEUTRIK® products in use, the company continues to listen to their customers and their requirements.

NEUTRIK® has been the first choice for the development, production, and sales of professional audio connectors and connector systems in the entertainment industry for decades. This is well established in the audio sector – as far as ears can hear and eyes can see ....

There is the XLR cable connector which has been tested and proven over a million times on microphone or extension cables – available in the latest XX design, in nickel and conductive black chrome plating –


or the XLR chassis connector to be found in all renowned mixing consoles and effect machines. A large variety with different features like direct grounding or separate ground and chassis connection is offered as well as a metal version.xlr-chassis-pair.jpg

Then the highly regarded ¼" plugs of Neutrik AG with excellent performance, unique engineering and mating ¼" chassis connectors, including further innovations of this product line such as silentPLUG:


The speakON® series, which was introduced in 1985, is in use with almost every professional loudspeaker system and amplifier and has become a world standard.

nl4fx_seite-4.jpgThe powerCON® series which derived from the successful product line speakON® can be found together with active loudspeaker boxes and particularly in the LED panel sector.


Wherever reliable and rugged data connections are required, look no futher than the revolutionary NEUTRIK® etherCON® connector system.


Where rugged high-speed data transfer needs to be guaranteed, the new, well thought-out optical connector system of Neutrik AG, the opticalCON® series, including many accessories.


The NEUTRIK® group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of professional connector systems for the entertainment industry. The array of products ranges from XLR connector systems, jacks and plugs, loudspeaker connector systems, fiber optic connection systems, patch panels, coaxial connectors (BNC) to industrial connectors.

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