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Nespresso Boutique Oslo Launch Rocks with MILOS MR4 Roof

Nespresso Boutique Oslo Launch Rocks with MILOS MR4 Roof


Oslo Audio put their MILOS MR4 roof to good use for the gala opening of the trendy Nespresso Boutique in Oslo, Norway.

The roof was installed in a narrow street beside the coffee cafe-and-more outlet in downtown Oslo. It's purpose was to extend the boutique area during the spectacular opening event. Under its cover was a stage, an action-packed entertainment programme and VIP guests.

“We used side skins on three sides, leaving the wall facing the boutique open” explains Oslo Audio's Erik Berg, who project managed the event for the locally based company. The side skins were carefully hung to cover only the top part of the 9 metre high MR4 elevation, and a 2.5 meter high ice-wall was constructed to make up the lower parts.

The challenges included fitting the structure in around two 9-metre high trees located right where the stage needed to be built, which entailed the top canopy being put on after the roof was hoisted up to its full height.

The structure measured 10 metres wide by 14 deep. In anticipation of potential snow loads, six MILOS MT-2 towers were used for support legs.

“There's been heavy snowfall in Oslo this winter, so we really needed a roof with high load capacities” says Berg, “This is one of the reasons we chose the MILOS MR4 – it's distinct arc shape roof is perfect for dealing with this meteorological condition”. The roof was a special version of the 16 x14 metre MR-4 system Oslo Audio purchased last summer.

This specific reconfiguration required some special extra parts which were designed and supplied by MILOS, and “Because the MR-4 has already proved to be so flexible in terms of sizes and configurations we tasked MILOS with adding even more possibilities to its repertoire. They in turn also came back to us with plenty of additional that will allow us to maximize the time the roof is working and creating new business!” enthuses Berg.

He further comments that the MILOS product is well engineered and ideal for the quick assemblies and de-rigs invariably required by the many projects and events undertaken by Oslo Audio .

Inside the structure for the Nespresso launch, elaborate ice sculptures were embedded with the brand's newest products, and an intimate all-white stage facilitated performances by a host of leading Norwegian artists, their voices from the overhung L-Acoustics ARCS PA all contributing to creating a magical arctic atmosphere for the very successful high profile evening.

The Nestlé Nespresso SA Company is the fastest growing operating unit of the Nestlé Group, a leading worldwide food, beverage, nutrition and wellness company. It has pioneered the portioned coffee market to provide the very highest quality coffees that can be enjoyed in the comfort of consumers' own homes or savoured at out-of-home locations, like restaurants, hotels, offices and luxury retail businesses.

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