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Neo-Neon Launches Ilumenite and Irradiant for America at LDI

Neo-Neon Launches Ilumenite and Irradiant for America at LDI

Neo-Neon, is introducing two new brands in America at LDI 2010, ILUMENITE and Irradiant. Ilumenite is a range of professional products for the entertainment and architectural sectors.

Ilumenite VariFlood Duo

The new Ilumenite fixtures include IP rated PAR cans, the Performance PAR Series with 14 to 54 LEDs with 1, 3, and 3x1W Tri Color LEDs, as well as Neo-Neon's signature piece which is a high-power dual head LED washer (VariFlood and VariFlood Duo) with 45 and 90 3 x1W Tri Color RGB LEDs respectively. The VariFlood Duo is designed for long-throw applications and customers can mix and match optic angles to achieve large area illumination. This item debuted at PLASA 2010 with the great interest of the European market.

The company is also introducing a new Moving Head in the Geni product line, the OBY 300, a 300W "Fast Fit" metal-halide beamer moving head, along with a new mini moving head wash with 36 pieces of 3x1W Tri Color RGB LEDs. The newest arrival is the MPW 108, Ilumenite's high power LED moving head wash with 108 pieces of 3W RGBW LEDs with an equivalent light output of a 575 metal-halide moving head washlight.

The Irradiant brand represents Neo-Neon's general disco line. Irradiant is introducing new and interesting LED based effect lights both for the club-user (LED Matrix FX-1, 6Iz, 4Iz, Tri-Effecta, a MasterPAR with 18 pieces of 5W Osram Diamond Dragon LEDs) and for home parties, in the shape of the new and exclusive MicroLights Disco in a Box which is the most cost-effective all-in-one effect light solution currently on the market. The newest arrival to the Irradiant palette is the ePAR series which will definitely revolutionize the LED PAR market. PAR 38, 56, 64 sizes available with RGB LEDs, rugged slim housing, and possibility of daisy-chain the power lines.Irradiant ePAR

The division of these products into two new brands is designed to help customers find the right solutions for their needs, as well as creating two tiers of standards to enable consistent quality.

Production and R&D have all been separated into professional and general to drive and maintain the market required quality and performance levels accordingly.

Neo-Neon will be at LDI 2010, booth 2216 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 22-24.

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