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neil-young.jpgSuperstar Neil Young returned to Europe this summer to showcase his Chrome Dreams Tour with Bandit Lites as the lighting vendor. Lighting Director Marty Postma worked with an original concept by Peggy Eisenhower to create Neil's ultimate “Chrome Dream”. Neil and his wife Peggy Young had input into the design and content of the visual show at a level not often achieved by artists. The entire affair was very “back to the basics” with a theatrical, gritty, unfinished feel to the show. Large Vegas style letters dotted the stage as if discarded from an old abandoned casino. Various antique fresnels, scoops and other such lights were strewn about in a fashion more reminiscent of a closed down back lot that a rock and roll stage set. The entire presentation was pure genius and showcased the talents of Neil Young and his crew in the most splendid of manners!

Production manager Tim Foster guided the production with his expertise and made the entire affair an enjoyable journey for band, crew and fans alike. Postma and Foster worked with Lester Cobrin in Bandits UK office to pull a wide assortment of equipment including MAC 2000 spots and washes, VL500‘s, BP2 Beam Projectors for that “old fashion” follow spot look, and Whole Hog 3 consoles and wings. The Bandit crew chief was Peter “Fats” Parchment and he was joined by fellow Bandit crew Dennis ”Bear” Brown and Keith James-Harrison.

The show has played to rave reviews globally as the music of Neil is timeless, on point and relevant. One never grows tired of seeing a Neil young concert and this one was no exception. We always look forward to the next project from Neil as each one is better than the one before. Neil Young is truly an original and definitely a superstar!

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