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National Geographic Looks At KA Stage

National Geographic Looks At KA Stage


You have to go back to January 2005, when we were still called Lighting Dimensions to read our in-depth coverage of Cirque du Soleil's KA (Into The Abyss For KÀ), but you can also check out the National Geographic Channel's series World's Toughest Fixes in the epidode "Fixing Vegas" to see a fascinating look at the design, inner workings, and maintenance of the incredibly intricate stage. Check out some of the footage here.

The design team for the stage included Mark Fisher and Cirque du Soleil Theatres Team (architectural design concept), McLaren Engineering Group, and mechanical/electrical engineers JBA Consulting Engineers, as well as theatre consultants Auerbach, Pollock, Friedlander.

McLaren's engineers, led by Malcolm McLaren and Bill Gorlin, provided structural and mechanical design services for the Tatami Deck and the gantry crane and its sand/cliff deck, as well as construction and installation oversight and project coordination for the crane assembly. The gantry crane supports a payload of approximately 300,000 pounds, while the entire crane travels 70' vertical from the pit to high above the audience level. The Tatami Deck presents its 30'x30' performance platform by traveling 48' 6” from its stored position to its play position using a two-stage mechanism similar to a drawer slide.

The episode originally aired May 27, but keep an eye on the channel's TV listings for replays.

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