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NASA confirms, the ShowTex UltraBlack curtains are the blackest fabric in the universe.

NASA confirms, the ShowTex UltraBlack curtains are the blackest fabric in the universe.

ultrablack velvetAs part of an experiment for the Moonrise mission, NASA set out to simulate the moon's landscape. Four decades after the Apollo astronauts first brought samples from the Moon's surface back to Earth for study, NASA has selected Moonrise for a Phase A study under the "New Frontiers Program" for Solar System exploration.

The Moonrise mission would focus on the giant South Pole-Aitken (SPA) Basin on the far side, which lies between the Moon's South Pole and Aitken Crater, just 16° south of the Moon's equator. The SPA Basin is the oldest, deepest, observable impact basin on the Moon and ranks among the largest recognized impact structures in the Solar System at nearly 2500 kilometers (1553.4 miles) in diameter and 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) deep.

Since there is no atmosphere on the moon, there is also no light reflection. To create the same conditions indoors, they needed wall coverings that absorbed the maximum percentage of light possible.

NASA came across an independent study by the Lab for Light technology in Ghent comparing the light reflection of a variety of black fabrics. The results were clear, cotton velvet velours in the flame retardant UltraBlack range from ShowTex absorb more than 99% of incoming light across the whole visible spectrum. NASA's own studies confirmed the results, and UltraBlack Shakespeare , Molière, and Goethe velvets from ShowTex will be used to line the Moonrise lab.

Take the test and see for yourself : request your UltraBlack sample today, hold it against your current "black" backdrop and watch it turn grey before your very eyes. In the harsh light of the latest generation of follow spot lights and stage projectors, only ShowTex UltraBlack velour delivers black, true black. No wonder theaters, tv studios, and concert halls call on ShowTex to replace their previous legs, borders and backdrops with UltraBlack velours. It's the blackest fabric on earth, and beyond. NASA approved.

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