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My Other September Project

At Tirschwell and Co. I am busy working away on a corporate conference center, a Nightclub, a few residences and various other projects. However, I also had another theatrical project. ShakespeareNYC's Macbeth, currently running at NYC's TheaterRow. As the Crown Point Blog is largely about designing with the limited resources of off-off broadway, I thought I would include the following post on MacBeth. Do forgive the formatting, I quickly stole the HTML from my other blog.

ShakespeareNYC's production of Macbeth is currently running at The Beckett theater of NY's theatrerow. Despite a challenging production calendar, the show is up and looking pretty good. I wanted to share some images I have taken by Fight Choreographer and photographer, Al Foote.

Macbeth is one of my favorite plays in Shakespeare's cannon. Lighting can be created purely based on character point of view. And from there you can drive from a visual library of your own choosing. Lady Macbeth's drive to power and manipulation of her husband. Macbeth's desire to rule and his hubris, these are discussed intimately by the characters, and they can be displayed in the visual arc of the show.

As always for ShakespeareNYC, Macbeth was directed by Beverly Bullock.

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