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Mr. Abe Jacob On The BSMC

We just finished the fourth annual Broadway Sound Master Classes, and I can safely say it was the best one yet. I managed to snag the BSMC faculty chair, Abe Jacob, who's volunteered to offer some insights about the event:

"It has been extremely gratifying for me to see the great interest in theatre sound design demonstrated this wekend at BSMC 2006. Not only the large turnout of students but also the passion, dedication and intelligence expressed gives me great satisfaction that the art of theatre sound design is alive and well. I want to thank all the students, the presentors, the manufacturers and especially, David Johnson and the Magazine staff for once again believing in these classes and providing the means for their continued existence."

Thanks Abe, and no, I didn't pay him to say that. In all honesty, the BSMC is Abe's baby; he's the one who makes it possible. Thanks Abe, for all your efforts, both for the classes and for theatre sound design in general.

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