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Morpheus Lights Performance Demos

Morpheus Lights Performance Demos

tfw.jpg Morpheus Lights ( announced an exhibit partnership with Technologies for Worship Magazine at the TFWM Pavilion (Booth # 6043) at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida on June 15th through 17th, 2011.

Morpheus Lights exhibited unique color-mixing technologies in a live performance / working environment with entertainers performing on a Stage Line portable stage. Company representatives were on-hand to demonstrate the products and discuss new dealership agreements with interested vendors.

ColorFader3™ is a three-scroll true CYM color-mixing fixture featuring Continuous Color Control. The ColorFader3™ family of fixtures is available in four sizes: SFader3™, MFader3™, XLFader3™, and 8Fader3™.

ColorFader3™ is widely used by educational institutions and organizations. Repertory theaters, venues with multiple productions, or any performance space with a wide variety of events being presented with limited tech-time between events benefit from the advantages of having the complete color palette immediately available from any ColorFader3™-equipped conventional stage lighting fixture.

PacificFader™ was specifically developed for the Selecon Pacific range of fixtures. Four models provide smooth optical dimming for arc sources, and/or CYM color mixing and/or optional CTO for both arc and tungsten sources. Originally conceived for the high-end theatrical market, we are very pleased that PacificFader™ has been enthusiastically received in the architectural and retail markets as well.

Morpheus Lights is a full-service lighting production company, equipment rental source and manufacturer of innovative products for the professional market. Morpheus Lights provides complete integrated lighting systems using its own unique lighting products and vast inventory of state-of-the-art equipment from industry-leading manufacturers.

To better serve the continental United States and Europe, Morpheus maintains production facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada and has sales representatives in New York, N.Y.

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