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Morpheus Lights to Introduce the Ayrton Wildsun 500C LED at USITT 2012

(Las Vegas, NV)-Morpheus Lights is very proud to announce that it is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of the full line of professional grade LED luminaires designed and manufactured by AYRTON S.A.R.L of Longjumeau, France, to be introduced in Booth 283 at USITT Stage Expo 2012, in Long Beach, CA. (March 29-31)

“Ayrton's product line delivers a unique combination of qualities that we believe discerning lighting designers will really respond to” says Mark Fetto, Chief Operating Officer of Morpheus. “We were searching for an automated LED wash fixture that combined high output, sophisticated design and outstanding engineering and discovered the Wildsun 500C, Ayrton's 10,000 lumen high-performance RGBW luminaire. The Wildsun 500 series and the rest of the innovative Ayrton line are certain to command high industry visibility and will be offered at excellent price points. Morpheus is thrilled to introduce and represent Ayrton products in America.”

“We are especially excited to present Wildsun 500C, the new 10,000 Lumen LED moving-head wash fixture.” says Keith Bennett, Morpheus Lights' National Sales Consultant. “It's a unique fixture, which features a 4000º Kelvin neutral-white LED source that provides excellent color-mixing capabilities and a high color-rendering index. With ultra-smooth linear dimming, 31 RGBW LED light engines and a host of additional features, this is a bold new luminaire - not to be missed.”

Morpheus Lights is a distributor and dealer of professional lighting products for the entertainment, worship and architectural markets, as well as a full-service lighting production company, equipment rental source, and manufacturer of innovative products for the professional market. Morpheus has sales representation in Las Vegas, Nevada to serve the US market and New York, NY to serve European and International markets. Further information on products, services and contacts can be found at

Morpheus Lights to Introduce Wildsun 500C at USITT March 29-31 at Booth 283

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