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More Really Scary Rigging!

More Really Scary Rigging!

How bad can rigging mistakes get? That's the question J. R. Clancy answers on a weekly basis with its Scary Rigging Photo of the Week, posted on the company's Facebook page.

Bad rigging

The photos of real rigging, sent to Clancy staff members by rigging inspectors and theatre managers, have generated more than one thousand friends to date for the page.

Here's how it works: Each week, Clancy posts a new photo of a rigging accident-waiting-to-happen at . These photos stand as vivid examples of amateur errors, often involving hardware that was never meant to bear weight.

The photos are so scary that they're almost unbelievable, but these frightening scenarios come from real-life high schools, community theatres, worship facilities, and professional performing arts centers.

“The big question is not how such dangerous situations happened, but what will happen next,” said Tom Young, J. R. Clancy vice president of marketing. “It's fun to laugh at these photos, but our real goal is to raise awareness, to help people recognize these situations at a glance. If you see things like this where you work, it's time to get a competent inspector or installer to get these problems fixed before someone gets seriously injured.”

To see the photos, read comments from rigging professionals about each photo, and add your own comments, visit the J. R. Clancy page on Facebook and click “Like” at the top of the page.

To find a qualified rigging inspector and/or installer in your area, call J. R. Clancy at (800) 836-1885, or email

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