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More From PLASA, Mate

Day two at PLASA in London, and the Live Design team has been all over Earl's Court taking in new products and seeing colleagues and friends. Today, we met with Meyer Sound, where they are unveiling the UPQ-2P narrow coverage loudspeaker, also to be shown at LDI next month.

The Royal Shakespeare Company actually has a booth at the show; they are showing something called the RSC LightLock. Conceived by Vince Herbert, RSC's head of lighting, LightLock is a stabilizing device that allows moving lights to be rigged on lightingweight hanging or flown structures. It's a cool little device that seems to have generated some buzz on the floor.

We also spent a lunch press conference with Martin Professional, where PR guru Larry Beck regaled us in his own inimitable style on some new products, including that MAC III Profile fixture. We also heard from CEO Christian Engsted about Martin's financials and from Martin UK's Mark Ravenhill with some details about the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics (the full story in also on this month's cover of Live Design).

ETC is showing a new architectural control product in the Unison line. The Paradigm Unison architectural lighting control system that aims to bring a little greening to theatre house and foyer lighting control. We missed seeing Jody Hanson at the booth and hope she is feeling better.

Noga Eilon-Bahar at Eilon Engineering showed us some upgrades to the Ron StageMaster software for monitoring of loads. Then over to the Prolyte booth for some Pringles and a talki with Marina Prak about her plans for LDI, as well as some new products they have for the European market.

Graham Likeness, formerly of AC Lighting and Pathway Connectivity before that, arrived at the show today, fresh off his announcement about establishing Terrier Marketing.

We just came from the Rosco presentation of their annual check to PLASA for Light Relief. We're about to head over to the afternoon Meyer summer garden party back on the stand where we started the day. We understand there will be hats and summer dresses. I fear I failed to pack mine.

Very busy today, so much so that we haven't even had a chance to have a pint of Guiness at the Bandit booth. This is a travesty that must be corrected soon.

Still lots to do here, hoping we can get it all in. More to come....

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