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More on the Epic Dinner

Just now getting around to add some comments from some of the participants at the dinner we co-hosted with Epic Productions during LDI (why is it taking me longer every year to recover from that show?). LDs Jeff Ravitz and Marc Janowitz provided us with some thoughts below:


Myself with Marc Janowitz (right)

Marc Janowitz:

“Epic” it was. So nice to get off The Strip and away from Las Vegas for an LDI dinner. When you get that many designer types together there will undoubtedly be spirited discussion on many subjects. But everyone agreed that the food was awesome and the wine even better. Nice to meet/hang/catch up with everyone there. Hope to be invited again next year! Note for Mr. Ravitz: I'd be careful next time I jumped on the table if I were you…..

Jeff Ravitz:

The annual Designer Dinner hosted at LDI by Epic Production Technologies, provided a stimulating mix of personalities. A few well-aimed glasses of incredible wine later, my designer cronies that I never get a chance to talk to the rest of the year, were suddenly willing to open up about the True Hollywood Story behind all their amazing projects. Jeanette Farmer from Cirque had some great stories about her new show at the Luxor. I was most excited to meet Paul Collison, the talented and modest programmer/co-designer of the Beijing Olympic opening and closing. I had a million questions for him and he graciously humored me with answer after answer. Hope I wasn't too obnoxious, Paul, but I really HAD to know the inner workings of those shows.


Counterclockwise, from bottom left: Jeff Ravitz, Paul Collison, Dean Muscio (partially pictured), Marian Sandberg, Tal Kendra, Marc Janowitz.

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