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More Acts Go Green with Bandit

paramore-2010.jpeg pixie-lott-2010.JPGIn 2010 Paramore, Diversity and Pixie Lott all went Green with Bandit Lites in the UK as they moved toward some more environmentally friendly, LED based equipment. In keeping with the Bandit goal of being 80% GRN by the end of 2011, these three acts all jumped in with both feet, seeing the future through their lighting designers.

Paramore with tour manager Andrew Weiss, production manager Erik Leighty and lighting designer Chad Peters stormed through the UK with GLP Impressions and Pixel Range Pixel PARs as the eco friendly piece. Peters also used MAC 2000 washes, VL 3500 washes, MAC III spots, Atomic Strobes, Thomas 4 Lights and a load of trussing, all controlled by the new FPS Full Boar console. Bandit staff included Peter “Fats” Parchment, Steve “Stona” Rusling, Merrick “Mez” Storrod and rigger Vic Stuart.

Diversity were out on a run around the UK with the impeccable Ms. Sarah Hollis running the show smoothly as the production manager. Lighting designer Tim Matthews, crew chief Roy Hunt and technician James “Jam” Such kept the lighting gear going at 100% every evening. Matthews LED fixture of choice was the wonderful GLP Impression 120 RZ, the zoom fixture! This green offering was complimented by MAC 2000 spots, washes and Performances, as well as HES Studio Beams, Nova Flowers, Atomic Strobes, 2 lights, 4 lights and fresnels. Matthews's console of choice was also the new HES Full Boar.

Pixie Lott was out and about with ageless production manager extraordinaire and Production North principle Mr. Ian Whitehead at the helm. In Whiteheads always professional manner the show was nothing short of a technical masterpiece. Lighting designer Neil Trennell stated his green endeavor with GLP Impressions and I-Pix BB 7's, Bandits newest green focus! The green equipment were married to VL 3000 spots, VL 2500 spots, Coemar Infinity Wash XL, Atomic Strobes, and 2 lights, 4 lights and Source 4's. Trennell's console of choice is the unflappable Grand MA 2. Bandit staff Ewan Cameron and Jonathan Dawson-Butterworth kept the show running smoothly every day for Trennell.

As the move toward energy efficient, eco friendly lighting methods continues, Bandit is proud to collaborate with these phenomenal acts, designers and production staffs to make that a reality. Every journey starts with a single step and these wonderful artists have all began this endeavor. Bandit C.E. Lester Cobrin stated, “Bandit is grateful for the trust these acts have placed in us to provide their illumination needs and we look forward to a bright, green future with each of them!”

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Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace. From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. With offices in Knoxville, Nashville, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Bandit's global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you. Your GRN Solution, leading the LED evolution!

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