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Modern Media Unveils Integrated Servers

PB Media Remote will be available from Zinman SoftwareNew iPhone App Integrated with Media Control System

Modern Media is providing new and powerful turnkey media server solutions for high-impact TV and LIVE performances, integrating cutting-edge technology into a complete, prewired package. For producers and designers, Modern Media's new rental fleet provides an easy solution to deliver digital media content to LED and projection screens for live TV specials, award and game shows and pageants.

“Our turnkey system guarantees a fail-safe, seamless big-screen experience, allowing producers and designers to focus on other aspects of their event,” said Michael Zinman, owner of Modern Media.

Modern Media's PRO Server systems were used most recently for the Miss USA 2009 telecast. “The new systems performed without a hitch, and everyone involved were delighted with our new system,” said Zinman.

Each system is integrated with two Pandoras Box Media Server PRO's, Media Manager PRO, dual HD-SDI video inputs and dual HD-SDI video outputs. Other features include; over 1000 animated loops, redundant/full tracking backup, I/O network and video connections, gigabit switches; including private VPN Wireless access, HD scalers, and a sliding monitor/keyboard/mouse. The rack is provided with a separate battery backup system capable of riding out a 60 minute power outage.

The system is so well-integrated that it can be controlled by an iPhone app “PB Media Remote,” created by The Zinman Co. “Everyone wanted their turn playing with PB Media Remote during rehearsals at Miss USA,” said Zinman, whose firms have developed a series of iPhone applications already. “With our new remote, users can access & broadcast their content library without being tied to their controller,” Zinman continued.

For additional information and rental inquires, please contact Modern Media at (323) 333-4270 or

Formed in 2008, Modern Media creates new ways to design, build and program digital media for LED and Projection screens, combining the latest technology with great design. The company's credits include a wide variety of shows, including specials, game and quiz shows, pageants and award shows. Award-winning executive producers, lighting designers, production designers, and directors have counted on Modern Media to give their productions a fresh look in motion graphics for their screens. Modern Media's young team works extensively with digital media and technology, creating breakthrough projects for our clients. They are curious, well connected, and searching every day for new ideas and technologies.

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