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Modern Masters® Introduces Wildfire® Invisible Clear Colors

Modern Masters® Introduces Wildfire® Invisible Clear Colors

Sun Valley, CA, 18 December 2009 – Modern Masters® and Wildfire®, Inc. are pleased to announce the latest breakthrough in fluorescent coatings technology. Introducing Wildfire Invisible Clear Colors.

A unique addition to the Wildfire family of brilliant, color balanced, UV activated paints – including Wildfire Luminescent Paint – Wildfire Invisible Clear Color appears as a low sheen, protective clear topcoat when viewed under normal lighting conditions. But when illuminated under UV blacklight, Invisible Clear Color comes to life with the maximum color brilliance you've come to expect from Wildfire!

Available in a collection of six vibrant colors – black, blue, green, red, white and yellow – the water-base acrylic paints dry clear and are invisible under normal light.

“We're excited about the possibilities Wildfire Invisible Clear Colors give our end-users,“ exclaimed Greg Sargema, marketing manager for Modern Masters. “The new colors give scenic and visual effects professionals even more options to create dramatic effects on their projects.”

Wildfire Fluorescent products were originally developed for the scenic studios in Hollywood to create dramatic visual effects for film, television, theme parks and other “high profile” amusement venues, and are the standard for the visual effects professional.

Wildfire Invisible Clear Colors are available in 4 ounce, quart and gallon sizes at specialty paint and decorating retailers nationwide.


About Modern Masters

Modern Masters is the leader in the decorative paint market with such recognizable brands as Theme Paintâ„¢, Metallic Paint Collectionâ„¢, Venetian Plaster, Metal Effects®, ShimmerStone®, Texture Effects® and SkimStone®. For more information about Modern Masters® and Wildfire® products, visit

About Wildfire, Inc.Wildfire Invisible Clear Colors Group

Founded in 1989, Wildfire, Inc. has been the market leader in the UV effects industry from its inception. Manufacturing the lights, lamps and both visible and invisible fluorescent paints, the company's philosophy has always been that what they are really providing is an effect. Wildfire's commitment to a specialized market has placed Wildfire effects and products at top amusement parks around the world, on concert tours utilizing dual image backdrops, in family entertainment centers and theatrical productions - anywhere that an operator, designer or producer seeks to create a magical shift in the guest environment. Visit

Contact: Katie Sikorski @ 732-652-2298

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