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MILOS Supplies Lviv Stadium

MILOS Supplies Lviv Stadium


Czech Republic based aluminium trussing specialist MILOS has supplied a substantial amount of trussing to the brand new Arena Lviv in the Ukraine. These facilitate the hanging of audio speakers underneath the top of the grandstand roofs on all four sides of the venue.

The 35,000 capacity football-only stadium has been three years in the building, and is one of the eight Euro 2012 venues as well as home to FC Kapaty Lviv.

Its spectacular opening ceremony was followed by an inaugural ‘friendly' match between the Ukraine and Austria.

MILOS was contacted by director Andrey Garkaviy from local rental company Sound House Pro, who proposed and supplied the MILOS trussing solution to Lviv State Administration. The project was managed for MILOS by Michal Zykan.

In addition to the speakers, other technical production equipment – like lighting and AV – can also be hung on the same trusses circumventing the stadium for events and special occasions.

Sound House Pro started working with MILOS products in the last year, and have been impressed with the quality and versatility of the products, plus the speed and efficiency with which MILOS can turn around orders.

This is the first big project on which they have specified MILOS, a decision also based on knowing that MILOS could supply all the off-the-shelf elements as well as design and deliver the custom pieces as required – all manufactured in house to the same exacting quality control standards – in an expedient timescale.

Another reason for partnering with MILOS in this project is the excellent after-sales service and technical support for which the brand is renowned.

The Lviv Stadium trussing system is primarily comprised from MILOS standard products. These include 16 x 3 metre pieces of Quick Truss QTL3000, 40 pieces of 4 metre long QTL4000, over 500 double cell clamps and all the associated parts needed to assemble the system on site.

In effect a complete turnkey system, it was delivered to site by MILOS and then assembled by eight riggers all of whom underwent rope access and working at height training beforehand. Most of the installation work had to be undertaken 35 metres in the air, with riggers hanging off the stadium roof.

There was also no access for floor based lifting equipment due to the close proximity of the seating tribunes. Once the trussing was flying, the speakers were then also attached by the same abseiling team! Great effort by Sound House Pro´s team indeed.

MILOS's Michal Zykan comments, “It was a great honour for us to be involved in this high profile project, and to be able to deliver the requirements very quickly and efficiently to the client once the plans were finalised.”

For more press information on the MILOS Group, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email me :[email protected] For more product information, please visit

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