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MILOS at the SFZ festival

MILOS at the SFZ festival


A MILOS MR5 roof system was used by leading Austrian technical production company Getec Eventtechnik, to provide the main stage structure at the 2009 SFZ Festival, staged in the lively university town of Graz, Austria.

Getec, also based in Graz, has been utilising MILOS products since at least 1998, and purchased their MR5 system last year to service its major events and shows. This was the first time they won the tender to supply technical production and staging to the SFZ festival for their client, the Leutgeb Entertainment group.

The overall stage dimensions for the main stage were 38 metres wide - including LED screen support - by 17 metres deep. "This was an ideal application for the MR5," says Getec's Jakob Gailhofer, "It is a straightforward, good looking roof and stage, quick to build and easy to access once in place. It's designed exactly for this size of event".

MR5 is currently the largest standard roof system in the MILOS MR range. Utilising MILOS' M950 QuickTruss in combination with six of their MT3 towers, MR5 is designed for large indoor and outdoor events. Getec's MR5 roof is specially customised in size and weight loading to meet their exact specifications.

These also included it packing down into two trailers – one for the aluminium parts and the other for the steel, podiums and Layher decking. Flight cases and palettes are used for the smaller parts, and special dollys for the canopy. The M950 truss is on wheels for neat and easy stacking.

Equipment rigged in the roof at SFZ 2009 included 120 High End moving lights, two 20 square metre LED screens, an LED curtain and over 4 tonnes of sound equipment. Getec supplied all the lighting and LED and worked with Inphase gmbh to provide the sound.

They incorporated sliding doors into the stage to enhance efficient changeovers, and to preserve the sightlines, built a stage-within-a-stage to neatly conceal monitor world and the backline prep areas, which were all linked with fibre optic data distribution.

The roof and stage took 2 days to build, a task completed by 4 Getec riggers, 10 stage hands, 2 forklifts and a crane, an operation overseen by Getec's head rigger, Ingo Hennig. Hennig worked closely with MILOS on developing Getec's MR5 roof, and the companies are currently collaborating on the design of a new medium size roof measuring 16 x 12 metres.

The 5 day SFZ 2009 festival event lineup featured 37 artists including Shaggy, Reamonn, Monrose, Opus, DJ Ötzi, EAV and Leningrad Cowboys, and was enjoyed by over 110, 000 people.

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