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MILOS Moves The House!

MILOS Moves The House!


When rigger and engineer Peter Samzeilus from Tanumschede in Sweden learned that the local council were replacing a certain dwelling garage in the village with new sea cabins, he contacted the owners and offered to help with the challenge of moving the building from its current location.

They very generously said he could have the substantial dwelling – made from timber and ideal for a summer house - in return, provided it was removed in time for the sea cabins to be installed.


Peter then applied his imagination, lateral thinking abilities and experience using MILOS products which he owns, to help solve the problem of moving the entire building to its new location.

At 7.5 metres wide by 9.5 long and 7 metres high the building was too wide to fit onto a vehicle and negotiate the village roads in one piece whilst travelling safely to its new concrete foundations 1.5 Km away.

So …. a bit of research and advice from structural engineers revealed that the dwelling's design and construction meant that it could potentially be split into two halves lengthways!

At this point a slightly radical plan emerged in Peter's head which relied on the house being literally sawn in half!

The idea was that the inside of each section was shored up with the help of a MILOS trussing grid structure, and this would ensure that the two halves remained rigid and stable for the journey to the new location - whereupon they could be reunited and become one building again.

He comments, “MILOS products have helped me many times in unusual situations that are outside the ‘standard' scope of use, so this was yet another chance to prove their versatility”.

First, he produced some detailed CAD planning on his laptop and double checked all the parameters to be sure the scheme would work.

Then he and a team of five friends removed the dry-wall in the centre of the building and erected the bracing structures for both sides of the house uitilising a combination of MILOS M290 and M390 QuickTruss, I-beams, cell clamps and aluminium tubes.

The wooden house roof and walls were then completely cut in half using a powerful sabre saw.

The open edges of both sides, already braced by their respective MILOS structures, were lifted separately onto a flat-bed truck using a 60 tonne crane.

The two halves of the house then made their journey to the new site, a 10 minute drive with a few stops to lift low flying telephone cables, tree branches and other obstacles.

At destination, the process was repeated in reverse ….

Peter's new summer house was quickly and proudly in position - thanks to a bit of ingenuity, inspiration and help from MILOS!

For more press information on the MILOS Group, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email me For more product information, please visit

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