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MILOS at the Makkah Awards for Excellence

MILOS at the Makkah Awards for Excellence


The largest MILOS trussing installation in the Middle East to date was built for a special presentation ceremony to give out the 2011 Makkah Awards for Excellence, staged in the Hilton Hall of the Jeddah Hilton Hotel, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia.

MILOS trussing and staging products from Bright Star were used to build a spectacular stage set for the event, including a 50 metre diameter circular truss that circled the perimeter of the entire presentation space, which was also used to hang a 360 degree projection screen and an 18 metre diameter round stage.

The installation was designed by Hattan Madani, who was also Bright Star's site and project manager for the event. Bright Star is a leading technical and event production company based in Jeddah, headed by Ibrahim Madani, and with a large stock of MILOS products.

The Makkah Award winners were a selection of businessmen and women, scholars and economists from Makkah Province, all of whom have contributed to and played important roles in the field of social responsibility. They received a certificate of appreciation from Makkah's Governor, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal.

The 18 metre diameter circular stage for the event was extended on two sides, making it a total of 29 metres in length and 15 metres deep, with seating in front extending to almost 270 degrees around the space. The whole presentation area was surrounded by the 50 metre circular truss, which was supported by 12 ground supported towers. The projection screen was attached to this and the truss trimmed at 8.5 metres high - the highest possible position with the ceiling height of the room.

MILOS QuickTruss M390L product was used to construct the circle. This is a large format product line, with the "L" denoting the heavy duty version. It is extremely robust, so ideal for large spans, and quick to erect using conical connectors, pins and R-clips, offering substantial weight loading capabilities coupled with great aesthetics.

The towers were from MILOS' MT2 range, which is designed for larger events and demanding high-end applications requiring the maximum loading and free-span characteristics. The standard MT2 Towers are built from MILOS' QuickTruss M520 and can be extended to a maximum height of 12 metres. The system is renowned for its stability. The circular truss was joined to the MT2 towers via sleeve blocks with custom adaptor plates.

The stage was built from a combination of standard MILOS XStages S8W products and a selection of bespoke components specially fabricated to form the rounded elements specified by the client. This is also very quick to assemble. The stage decks have fine-tuned adjustable legs to ensure perfect levelling.

MILOS xStages S8 is an extremely versatile heavy-duty platform system that enables the construction of large stages in most imaginable shapes and configurations!

The site build took Bright Star's team of riggers plus local crew 4 days to complete, project managed by Hattan Madani.

The company also has its own reputation for excellence, and won the contract to supply the event due to its ability to deliver the complete project including all the other technical elements - lighting, sound, AV and the projection screen - in a highly competitive package.

Bright Star has invested in MILOS in recent years for the brand's innate reliability and the breadth and dynamics of the product range, as well as for the company's ability to design and deliver any custom pieces required for a specific project quickly and efficiently.

For more press information on MILOS GROUP, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email me : [email protected] For more product information, please visit

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