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MILOS Launches New Screen Support System

MILOS Launches New Screen Support System

milos-screen-support-system-dscf0028.jpgTrussing manufacturer MILOS launches a new free-standing LED screen support system, with an impressive weight loading of 2.5 tonnes, offering a maximum 7 metre span and heights of up to 7 metres.

This is in response to the proliferation of screens in use everywhere at all types of events. MILOS sales manager Jiří Brůža comments, “We spotted a gap in the market for a very sturdy and quick assembly screen support structure which can be built anywhere without consuming vast amounts of floorspace”. The tower element of the goal-post shaped Screen Support system is made up from MILOS's MT2 aluminium trussing tower product, topped with their MT3 sleeve block. Each leg is stabilized by two adjustable feet, making a very tidy footprint.

The span of the Screen Support is made from MILOS M950 trussing, the latest and largest of their current QuickTruss range. It's designed for

maximum loading and free-span applications, utilizing MILOS' own QuickTruss connection technology for extremely quick and secure assembly.

The support spans can be pre-rigged at ground level and then pulled up the tower by motors rigged within the two ends of the M950 span.

The MT3 Sleeve Blocks are made from a combination of aluminium and steel, for maximum strength with tough aluminium profiles that are connected with steel components. The block is specifically for the connection of QuickTruss M950 elements.

The MT2 Tower was originally developed to be used in conjunction with the MILOS M400 & M520 trussing systems and it's also a basic support unit for the MILOS MR3 Series Roof systems, so it has a very robust and tried-and-tested track record.

Each MT2 tower can support up to 2 tonnes and be built to a height of 12.5 metres, but the optimum height for the Screen Support system has been calculated at 7 metres. All components are manufactured by the team at MILOS main facility in the Czech Republic, using the highest specification materials, including 60 x 6 mm main tubes and 32 x 3mm bracing spars for the M950 trussing. The latest techniques are used to maintain the standards of excellence for which MILOS is renowned.

As with all MILOS products, the Screen Support is elegant and aesthetically pleasing in design as well as rugged in construction.

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