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MILOS Has The Passion

MILOS Has The Passion


Czech Republic trussing manufacturer MILOS has created structures and supports in all types of environments worldwide - for entertainment, industry, commerce, retail, etc. However, just recently, a highly specialised project materialised just down the road from MILOS HQ - in the Gallery of Modern Art in Roudnice nad Labem, which is one of the cultural highlights for art lovers in the Czech Republic and throughout central Europe.

The occasion was an exhibition of the newly restored "Passion Cycle", a priceless 12 picture collection created by German painter Hans Hesse in 1522. The Passion Cycle is one of the most significant religious works from the Middle Ages, and has been painstakingly reconditioned by academic painter Jiří Brodský and his colleague Jiří Bareš, a long time art collaborator of Roudnice Gallery, over the last 4 years.

The paintings were loaned to the Roudnice Gallery by the Church of Birth of the Virgin Mary, also in Roudnice nad Labem (where they normally reside) as part of the Gallery's 'Roudnice Year'.

Next came the task of finding an appropriate and complimentary method of installing the display for the duration of the exposition.

MILOS MD František Zykán has always been a keen supporter of the Gallery. After a meeting with Gallery Director Alena Potůčková, he offered the creative design skills, services and resources of MILOS to help find a solution for sitting the complete Passion Cycle in one of the vaulted spaces of the Roudnice Gallery, which is located in the former horse riding school of an impressive Baroque Château.

After detailed discussions of various options and looking closely at MILOS products, Potůčková was certain that a hanging system could be created that would be an ideal off-setting for the Passion Cycle, introducing a visual interplay and new energy to the exhibition space.

MILOS' design department drew up the proposed special structure using MILOS M290 STB QuickTruss, a midsize triangular truss product. This provided an elegant contemporary aluminium surround for the paintings, juxtaposing them beautifully, whilst adding a freshness and vitality that accentuated the detail of the restoration work.

The total dimensions of the structure measured 5.2 metres high and 10.5 wide, and it was divided into 3 sections - left-centre-right - with the two outer ones hinged and gently angled in to the centre piece. Each section accommodated 4 of the paintings. The structure was anchored in place by base plates on the floor with the top sections butted up to the ceiling of the room - giving the appearance of being completely free standing, and therefore impacting very little on the space.

The paintings were attached to the frames via special straps and bracketry, again keeping the process as simple and uncomplicated as possible so the Passion Cycle took centre stage.

The exhibition and the unique framing of these ancient works was a massive success.

Says František Zykán, "This was a fantastic opportunity to create something special and different as well as contributing to the culture and history of the area by creating a setting allowing the art to be appreciated by many people. It was a great collaboration with the Gallery, and we are very proud that Alena Potůčková trusted our judgement and had the vision to see how MILOS could bring a distinctive additional aesthetic to some amazing art".

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