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MILOS Expands with New Building

MILOS Expands with New Building


Czech Republic based trussing, roofing and staging systems manufacturer MILOS is in the final stages of completing a new 60,000 square foot building at its already extensive premises near Prague.

This will be fully operational from the start of 2010 and will be utilised to expand and streamline the current manufacturing process.

The new building has become necessary to meet the huge demand for products and orders that has continued throughout 2009, and this expansion has been financed entirely from existing cashflow.

MILOS is known for its fast turnarounds. The additional space will ensure that even more efficiency and speed can be applied to deliveries, and it will also create more space for the construction of special and custom projects

MILOS' facility is designed to provide the space and the latest technologies to deal with all manufacturing needs in-house. This guarantees quality control and maintenance of the high standards for which the company is renowned

It includes a large cutting workshop and automatic welding of the full ranges of trussing and roofing, the production of circles and other bespoke shapes, special projects, stock control, packaging and dispatch of the finished products. It also includes the MILOS Design Centre, which is at the core of the company's worldwide operation.

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