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MILOS Concepts GmbH is launched

MILOS Concepts GmbH is launched


MILOS Concepts GmbH is a new company that has been set up in Germany to explore new concepts and ideas for temporary buildings and architecture.

This exciting new inter-European venture is the brainchild of Frantisek Zykan of leading Czech trussing manufacturer MILOS, and Michael Daubner former MD (for 16 years) of German company Burkhardt Leitner constructiv, specialists in temporary modular architectural systems.

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Milos Concepts GmbH is primarily a Think-Tank for the design, development and imagineering of new and innovative spaces suitable for a myriad of applications.

The company's core business will be engaging in design led creative initiatives.

The plan is to develop a range of new structural systems that will be MILOS branded as well as to undertake bespoke and custom projects on commission. All products will be defined by all the elements characterising the MILOS marque - high functionality, fabulous aesthetics, engineered to the best standards and utilising top quality materials.

The two founder MDs of the new company are a perfect match and create a unique synergy, with Zykan's vast experience of production and manufacturing in running of the MILOS Group, and Daubner's specialist design skills.

Says Zykan, "MILOS Concepts is enthusiastically committed to the construction of temporary worlds, and the combination of our knowledge and expertise makes it possible to produce a whole spectrum of temporary buildings”.

For Daubner, the emphasis on research, development and experimental design means a return to his roots in heading a small team of specialist designers. “I am really looking forward to dedicating myself to my true passion – the conception and design of modular space structures.” he confirms.

The new operation is part of the MILOS Group's planned expansion strategy. Zykan intends the company to stay at the forefront of structural design and technology for temporary built environments and continue to be a market leader. "To keep this position it's vital to always be thinking ahead and looking to the future," he states.

The gradual and ongoing improvement of the Germany economy makes it a timely investment, and MILOS clients' will benefit from a wider range of cost-effective products which will include the new systems brought on-stream by MILOS Concepts and the optimisation of specific elements in the existing MILOS product ranges.

Currently working alongside Daubner in Stuttgart are designer Philipp Scheidtmann, engineer/designer Helen Wegener and product designer Philipp Hinderer.

For more press information on MILOS GROUP, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email me :[email protected] For more product information, please visit

Photo shows Michael Daubner on the left and Frantisek Zykan on the right

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