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Mile-High Bruce Rodgers

Mile-High Bruce Rodgers

Earlier this year we noted that Bruce Rodgers was the set designer for this year's Democratic National Convention. So when Barack Obama accepts the Democratic Party nomination for President tonight at Invesco Field, on the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech, he'll be doing so while standing on Bruce's work. Pretty heady stuff, when you think about it.

Rodgers, for his part, sounds to be having a good time onsite, considering. "It's been an awesome week," he wrote to us in an email today. "The wildest part is the lack of fire marshal control, hah!"

Here's a not very good shot of the Invesco set:


There have been some misguided, idiotic rumblings in the blogsphere about how tonight's set, with its Greek architectural references in the Doric style, is one more example of Obama's elitism, when in fact, it's meant to reference the Lincoln Memorial, where MLK gave the Dream speech. Research, people, research!

There may be a few other suprises too, Rodgers says. "I'm totally excited about the cable cam shots you'll see tonight!"

Here's a photo of the set he did inside at the Pepsi Center:


Bruce Dickinson is the LD for the DNC; we'll have complete coverage of this event in an upcoming issue of LD. Haven't heard who's doing the RNC, but if anyone has that info please email me.

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