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Mike Wood In The House

Good morning all we're standing here at the Live Design booth just before the show opens with Mr. Mike Wood, Treasurer for ESTA. I've snagged him here to get his comments about last night's ESTA Dinner, which was by all accounts a huge success. Mike, what would you say were the high points?

MIKE:"For me it has to be Bobby Altman's speech, where he discussed the reasons he and his family chose to support the brand new ESTA Foundation's Behind The Scenes, the charitable endowment created to support technicians working in the entertainment technology business. He did a great job of getting to the heart of why we as an industry have a need, in fact an imperative, to help support our own.

"The performers have support and many other sectors of the industry have backup and safety nets to catch them if they fall whereas back-stage staff don't. Bobby and his family have had the foresight to realize this and make the first challenge grant to the new endowment fund. If everyone follows Bobby's lead we will very quickly be in a position to give back to the industry that we all love."

That's great, Mike, thanks for your time. We're off to the ribbon cutting!

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