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Michael Andrews Audio Visual goes Green

New York City—Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services, Inc, is proud to announce we have taken the following steps to “go green.” First, rental & show pull sheets are now digital and all of our forms have been digitized thus leading to a 58% decrease in white copy and printer paper. Forms like equipment purchase requests, vacation day requests, equipment repair, hotel or travel requests, etc. all have revised approval procedures with digital signatures and new digital storage polices for easy retrieval. Next, we have eliminated all of the paper plates, plastic cups and plastic ware from our kitchen. Each employee has been given a plate, 4 piece silverware, a “coffee” mug, and 16 ounce plastic cup. We have installed dish drying racks in the kitchen and everyone has pitched in to keep everything clean. An added benefit has occurred: as the traffic in the kitchen has increased, we've enjoyed the benefit of additional bonding with each other while waiting “in line” to wash our dishes or heat our food. In the shop and offices, the lighting has been replaced with energy-efficient lamps. Despite being in a commercial zone with no recycling pickup available, we have purchased bins and created weekly runs to recycle glass, plastic, metal cans, and white paper. Each employee turns off their computer everyday after their shift, and electric heaters have been removed and more efficient central HVAC has been installed. Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services has been in New York City since 1987. We offer sales as well as rental and staging services for a wide variety of events, including corporate meetings, graduations, new product roll outs, award presentations, concerts, fund raisers, press conferences, etc. Our 20,000 square foot offices and warehouse are located in Manhattan. In addition to audio visual and lighting, we have staging, drape in seven colors, furniture, computers, and scenery. For more information, please contact Bill Magod or Dennis Doyle at 212-265-2660.

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