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Meyer Sound Releases Compass 2.1

Meyer Sound's Compass™ control software for the Galileo™ loudspeaker management system has been upgraded to provide easy access to all Galileo features and to streamline system configuration and control of multiple Galileo 616 units.

Compass 2.1 introduces a new tabbed interface, which enables users to monitor the status of multiple Galileo 616 units in a single window. The interface can be scaled to fit any resolution display and the colors can be configured for night or day use. The interface and controls are the same for Windows PC and Macintosh OS X, so switching between platforms is completely transparent.

The latest version of the control software adds valuable functionality for new and existing users, including those who use multiple Galileo 616 units to manage sound systems with more than 16 outputs. Compass 2.1 also provides a sophisticated channel linking system for setting control, simplifying adjustments of processing and output levels in one or more Galileo units simultaneously. The new version also includes a comprehensive context help system, full copy and paste of Galileo settings and more.

Galileo is at the forefront of digital audio, offering excellent audio quality with features not available in the analog domain. Using TCP/IP protocol, the Galileo hardware/software system provides all of the facilities required to drive and align sound reinforcement systems employing multiple zones. The system consists of the Galileo 616, a six-input/16-output, 2U, fully digital matrix processor and Compass software which provides comprehensive control of the Galileo 616 through a graphical environment running on a remote computer. Galileo 616 can also be controlled directly from its front panel for maximum flexibility.

A winner of the PAR Excellence Award, Galileo has handled processing duties for sold-out tours, theatrical productions and installations including Celine Dion, Metallica, Rod Stewart, Placebo, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Gone with the Wind, Royal Festival Hall, Berlin Philharmonie and many others.

Compass 2.1 is available for download at

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