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Meyer Sound Power and Reliability Add to Success Formula for Five Condesa Nightclubs in Mexico City

window.jpegMexico City's Condesa neighborhood is the center of nightlife for the area's upwardly mobile residents, much like New York's East Village or London's Notting Hill Gate. Over the past six years, Condesa's music tastemakers and club-goers have flocked to a cluster of five chic nightspots where Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems have proven a key ingredient in a successful formula. Completed in 2005, the AM club was the first to install Meyer Sound products and has recently added MM-4XP miniature self-powered loudspeakers and a UMS-1P subwoofer as part of a remodeling project.

The five Meyer Sound-equipped Condesa clubs and restaurants—AM, PM, Rexo, Artic Bar, and Bar La Capital—all are owned by hospitality entrepreneur Carlos Alvarez, and sound system design for all was entrusted to freelance audio engineer Ramon Salazar. The runaway success of the first install at the AM club— pulsating nightly with four UPJ-1P VariOâ„¢ loudspeakers, four UPM-1P loudspeakers, and three potent 700-HP subwoofers—convinced Salazar and Alvarez to pursue more Meyer Sound upgrades.

“Working with Meyer Sound has been a great experience,” Salazar says. “In six years, we haven't had any problems—not even a blown driver. At AM, the DJs come in from around the world and sometimes push the system all the way past 130 dB, until the mixer can't go any higher. But the system keeps working perfectly and has never left us with bad sound in our ears.”

The PM club implemented a Meyer Sound system in 2006 with two UPA-1P loudspeakers, two UPJ-1P loudspeakers, and two 700-HP subwoofers. As the AM and PM clubs are adjacent, the systems share a Galileo® loudspeaker management system with a Galileo 616 processor. That same year, the nearby Rexo upgraded to Meyer Sound UPM-1P loudspeakers and UMS-1P subwoofer.

window-1.jpegThe next room in line for an upgrade was the -15°C ice room at Artic Bar, where UPM-1P loudspeakers warm the atmosphere while fur-clad guests chill out. In 2010, the trendy Bar La Capital opened an upstairs live-music venue equipped with eight M'elodie® line array loudspeakers, four 700-HP subwoofers, and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with one Galileo 408 processor.

“For us, having a Meyer Sound system in our venues has become essential,” Salazar emphasizes. “The music and sound environments are key, so it's important for the audio reproduction to be clear and have all the power needed. At our clubs, guests can always appreciate the music the way that they should.”

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