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Meyer Sound Appoints Jason McCarrick to Education Program Coordinator

jason_mccarrick.jpeg Meyer Sound has appointed Jason McCarrick to the position of Education Program Coordinator. Based at the Meyer Sound Nashville office at Soundcheck, McCarrick will assume the responsibilities for scheduling and coordinating seminar and webinar events, handling program logistics, and assisting in creating educational content. McCarrick replaces Mac Johnson, who has been promoted to Constellation Project Manager at the company.

Reporting to Meyer Sound Education Manager Gavin Canaan, McCarrick's responsibilities also include supporting Nashville Manager and Touring Liaison Lee Moro in organizing Nashville-based events and maintaining operations.

McCarrick comes to Meyer Sound with extensive experience in live sound and production, including key mixing, audio tech, and rigging duties involving Meyer Sound systems on tours with Metallica, Celtic Woman, Rod Stewart, and Cirque du Soleil® Quidam, among others.

“Jason's hands-on experience with Meyer Sound technology makes him a great candidate to represent the company,” says Canaan. “As we diversify our program to include more online training and new educational topics, while adding more in-person seminars at Nashville Soundcheck, Jason will be a tremendous asset to the department and the audio community that we serve.”

Beginning in the mid 1980s, Meyer Sound has maintained one of the most extensive science-based educational programs in the professional audio industry. A broad range of technical seminars covers topics like sound system design and optimization, acoustical prediction with MAPP Online Pro®, audio show control, as well as the popular Mixing Workshop by veteran audio engineer Buford Jones. In addition, Meyer Sound frequently partners with universities and industry organizations to provide seminars and trainings, as well as scholarship opportunities.

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