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Mega Systems, Inc. Launches OMEGA Truss

Mega Systems, Inc. Launches OMEGA Truss

mega-truss-tm-275-px-wide.jpgSAN ANTONIO, TX - December 20, 2011 - Guillermo Cabada, President of Mega Systems, Inc. announced the launch of OMEGA Truss. OMEGA Truss will provide spigot truss to a range of customers who require it for touring, events, decorative and much more.

"We had a distinctive opportunity to manufacture truss that is well-made and compatible with other manufacturers. Since truss is a necessity to many of our customer, we are pleased to be able to fulfill that need for them."

Mega Systems, Inc.'s current product offerings include professional lighting, audio and video. With OMEGA Truss, customers will acquire more of what they need from one company.

The line of OMEGA Truss will include stick truss, corners and several accessories. Plans are in progress to offer other shapes like circles in the near future.

OMEGA Truss products are in stock and ready to ship. Contact Mega Systems, Inc. at 210-684-2600 or toll free at 860-460-MEGA for more information.

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