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Medialon controls "Mangrove Groove", World's largest aquatic show set in OCTBAY, Shenzhen, China

Medialon controls "Mangrove Groove", World's largest aquatic show set in OCTBAY, Shenzhen, China

“Mangrove Groove” aquatic show - OCTBAY Medialon has been selected by ECA2 to be the main show control system on “Mangrove Groove” aquatic show, a brand new stunning 38-minute multimedia show in OCTBAY, Shenzhen, China.

ECA2 - a French-based company specialized in creating and producing major events and shows around the world - designed and produced “Mangrove Groove” show, with the world's largest aquatic stage ever built which covers an area of 5,600sqm.

“Mangrove Groove” aquatic show - OCTBAY

Every evening, up to 5,000 spectators can celebrate the return of the birds in an amazing decor dedicated to the mangrove. The artistic and technological challenges represent the forces of nature, staging the four elements merged with the magic of captivating images, with water, fire, lighting, video and air effects, all entirely controlled and synchronized by a Medialon Manager PRO Show Control system.

“Mangrove Groove” aquatic show - OCTBAYOn “Mangrove Groove” show, Medialon Show Control system controls the following devices and effects:

> Water: 2x water screens with a 50-metre base, hundreds of water jets and custom moving jets.

> Air: 5x geysers, compressed air to put sensitive equipment under positive pressure.

> Fire: 14x large flames via Medialon Artnet DMX MxM

> Lighting: 1x grandMA2 console, 600x underwater projectors, 60x automatic projectors

> Video: 5x Christie 35K and 2x Christie 20K projectors on lyre VIP via the Medialon Christie projectors MxM ; 2x MODULO media players ; 1x Dataton Watchout 4 system displays

> Audio: 1x multitrack Tascam X48 via LTC ; Internal audio player via the Medialon Local Media Player MxM

> Laser: 5x laser projectors

Thanks to Medialon Manager Panel, free user interface design tool, several Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) have been created. From a single touch of a button, the AV Technical staff can run the show (show mode), make video tests (test video mode), check the status of the devices (status mode), etc.

“Mangrove Groove” - OCTBAY - Control roomThe Status mode is the kind of tool which is very useful for technical maintenance. Based on a custom user interface, it has been especially designed to show the technicians the exact location of each device. Access buttons allows to directly check the status of all the AV devices as well as 8x temperature sensors, 1x wind sensor, 14x UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), pressure levels of water effects pumps and compressors, video projectors lamp status, useful lamp life span calculation and even more.

For a maximum reliability, 2x Medialon Manager units run synchronously creating a full redundant system that switch automatically at any time (an even during the show) from unit A to unit B or from unit B to unit A if any unit failure is detected.

The Medialon Manager has also been programmed to retrieve log files from devices located in different areas of the stage to helps show technicians to immediately see if there is any issue with an AV device during the show, and help them fix the machines very fast.

“Mangrove Groove” aquatic show - OCTBAYMedialon Show Control system helps us to run, to synchronize and to monitor hundreds of special effects. All of these devices interact with more than 50 actors, acrobats and dancers, and it has proved to be a safe and reliable tool to achieve our interpretation of the life in the mangrove surrounded by an incredible amount of mysterious and enchanting creatures”, declares Jean-Christope Canizares ECA2's CEO and Show Producer.

“During the last 30 years ECA2 has tested, installed and commissioned lots and lots of Show Control systems and we even had our own software called PILS that is still running satisfactory in many shows all around the world, but when we decided to stop this product and switch to a solution from the market we went naturally to Medialon” concludes Guillaume Duflot ECA2”s COO and Technical Director.

“Mangrove Groove” is a permanent show running daily since this summer.


Creation (overall) – Engineering – Production (Turnkey) Direction, Production: J-C Canizares

Chief of Operations & Technical Director: Guillaume Duflot from ECA2

Screenplay, Artistic Coordination & Show Direction: Sophie Poirier from ECA2

Multimedia Production & Show direction: Thierry Nutchey from ECA2

The Control system has been designed and engineered by ECA2, installed by French Integrator Adrem, and programmed by Julien Ribes from Artabase.

For further information, please visit:,,

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