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Medialon controlled from an iPad the hologram performance "VR BreakOut" in Seoul, South Korea

Medialon controlled from an iPad the hologram performance "VR BreakOut" in Seoul, South Korea

VR Breakout stage with hologramThe Gaya Theatre in Seoul, South Korea, recently hosted an amazing hologram performance called VR BreakOut.

Zenex Wave a Korean design and production company used Medialon Manager Show and Media Control Software with an iPad to give a chance for the audience to enjoy and experience a 3D world of virtual reality on stage.

The performance is a musical and danced story about prisoners who lead a routine life, isolated from the outside world, and dream of freedom through a mysterious Bi-guep (a book with supernatural power), which happens to fall from the sky.

In VR BreakOut - selected for the 2010 Virtual Reality Content Support Project of Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Zenex Wave applies hologram to a commercial stage for the first time in Korea, realizing virtual reality on the stage by combining technologies like 3D projection mapping, interactive sound and state of the art show control.

VR Breakout stage with hologramDuring a free-style performance of the actors following the main story of the production, the sound interactive technique is shining through. While the brilliant beat box sound is made by Gundog, the hologram car in the background flies or rotates in the sky in real time.

For hologram, 3D projection mapping, and interactive sound, Zenex Wave used various equipment and systems as Dataton Watchout media players and 5 video projectors fit with shutters to blocks light from the projectors.

As a Medialon Manager Show control software is used, it happens that a single operator controls from an iPad the whole systems effectively from the video console.

The entire audio, video and lighting was controlled and synchronized by Medialon Manager Show Control software.

“We made the performance become much more perfect by using a show control system so that a single operator could control these systems effectively from the video console.”, declared Sin Kim Ji Hun from Zenex Wave.

VR Breakout - Medialon Manager GUI on iPadThe video cue menu and the projector control menu were automatically converted according to the rotation of the iPad, allowing a more efficient and easier control panel.

For the hologram, videos come from two projectors installed at the top behind the stage set out, and is reflected on the mat screen on the floor and then projected on the foil screen (optical film) mounted at a 45 degree angle.

The audience was amazed with VR BreakOut show during the 3-month theatrical performance at the Gaya Theater.

For further information, please visit:,

A video of the performance is available on YouTube:

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