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Martina McBride and Trace Adkins Team with Bandit

Martina McBride and Trace Adkins Team with Bandit

martina-mcbride.jpgCountry superstars Martina McBride and Trace Adkins worked together and apart throughout 2010 with Bandit Lites for their illumination needs. Both of these phenomenally talented artists have worked non stop delivering two very different but very entertaining shows.

Martina and husband John McBride, along with tour manager Mark Hively, production manager Meesha Kosciolek and stage manager Pat O'Neil worked with Bandit VP Michael Golden to continue what has become a long stream of over the top visual treats. To achieve the magic sparkle Martina wants and deserves, they again brought in the very talented designer Abbey Rosen Holmes. Ms. Holmes, now an Associate Professor of Lighting Design at Carnige Mellon Institute, is world renown for her work with artists such as Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Cher, Janet Jackson, Disney, The Cure and many others.

Each year Abbey delivers a visual masterpiece that is even grander the one before, and they all seem to be “untoppable”. Some how though, each year Abbey goes a bit further and pushes the envelope further. 2010 was no exception as Abbey and Martina collaborated with Tom McPhillips and the staff at Atomic Design to deliver a very fitting and unique stage set. Includes were ramps, risers, revolving platforms, elevators and Martina's very own “moon” which flew her to front of house to sing a few tunes. Martina became a pro at riding the crescent moon each night.

The visual masterpiece is best described as elegant! The fixture package included VL 3500 Washes, VL 3000 Spots, MAC 2000 Washes, Coemar Halos, 150 egg strobes and 220 Versa- Tubes, all controlled by 2 Grand MA consoles and 2 Green Hippo media servers. Trevor Ahlstrand was the lighting director traveling with the show and bringing the art to life. The abilities of Trevor are world class and he serves Martina well. Ahlstrand's timing is impeccable and he blends all the visual elements as only a true expert can.

Trace Adkins worked with the same system as Martina nightly, yet it was reconfigured nightly by cleverly moving physical elements so that the two shows look entirely different. Trace LD Jeff Lavallee brought in additional equipment solely to treat Trace. Lavallee added MAC 2000 Spots and VL 3000 Washes to provide a distinctly different look for Trace each night. Tour Manager Jeff Gossett and Lavallee worked with Bandit Business Development Manager Brent Barrett on their needs. Trace went on and off the tour, and needed his own, separate stand-alone system when the two acts were apart. The stand-alone system included the before mentioned gear as well as a large number of Color Block DB4's, Atomic Strobes and Lavallee's console of choice, the Jands Vista T2 and S3.

Industry veteran Lavallee was faced with creating his art with different systems as they weaved their way in and out of the Martina tour. Trace also worked on the 2010 Toby Keith Tour, which Bandit also illuminates. The 6' 7”, barrel chested, booming voice Adkins is a striking personality and he requires a dynamic style of illumination to match his larger than life persona. When Trace is on the stage, no one can miss him! Lavallee does a super job of keeping the energy up for Trace.

Bandit has worked with both artists for many years and looks forward to an even longer future together, as both are at the top of the industry and poised to become legendary!

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