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Marc Schwartz, guest blogger

As a mentored attendee of the Broadway Sound Master Class, I was able to learn about the latest techniques and technologies sound designers are using in Broadway theatrical productions. As an audio technician and IATSE stagehand, I found this information was very valuable to me. I am very grateful to everyone at d&b Audiotechnik for their participation in sponsoring my attendence at the Master Class. I must add that it was an amazing experience to meet and listen to Abe Jacobs. He is a living legend in the world of sound design and possess a wonderful sense of humor. I am indebted to all the sound designers for sharing their insights and experiences with me during the class sessions. The only other thing that would have added additional value for me would have been to receive a certificate of completion for the course. It would be a positive addition to my personnel file at the union hall.

Marc Schwartz


JG Sound & Stage Productions, Inc.

Member, IATSE Local 631, Orlando, FL

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