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Mansion 360 - Showcasing Premier LED Lighting Design

Mansion 360 - Showcasing Premier LED Lighting Design


Miami's Mansion nightclub introduced a new state-of-the-art LED lighting design in January 2012, that is second to none. Cutting-edge technology makes Mansion 360 the premier destination on Miami's nightclub scene and secures its spot as one of the top clubs in the world.

AVLI of Miami, FL was commissioned to redesign the lighting system in the most popular and iconic venue in South Beach. Lead designers Michael Callahan and James Reed of AVLI and Greg See of Diversified Consulting dedicated over 300 hours of design and planning to make this project a reality. Once the design was finalized, it took another 800 hours of fabrication and integration. AVLI's skilled team of installation experts spent months pulling over 80,000 feet cable, rigging supports, and over 6,000 terminations.

Acclaimed longtime MADRIX dealer AVLI took club lighting design to a whole new level by using the software in its largest configuration—MADRIX ultimate. The powerful LED lighting controller brings a staggering 144 DMX universes over possible 256 universes to life. Data is sent through 19 Art-Net nodes. Relocating the DJ booth to the center, the "Star of the Night" now performs with a huge lighting arc above. 600 double-sided tubes spanning across the ceiling can easily be seen as the new highlight. It emphasizes the whole magnitude of the 40,000 square foot club. Another 3,600 1.5 watt RGB pixels cover the inside on a 48' x 60' area that gives the centerpiece even more volume.

400 meters of LED pixel tape, supplemented with various LED fixtures, add further visual accents along the walls. Complemented with a video system with high-resolution panels, energetic videos as well as high-resolution live effects are shown. Driven by an additional MADRIX professional version, the total system gets everyone into action. Cameras in the ceiling can be utilized in this experience also, capturing live video of the club party-goers and project them onto the multiple pixel elements.

Mansion 360 is the largest MADRIX LED club installation in the United States. It is also the first venue in the country to mesmerize its audience with three-dimensional lighting effects and a 360 degree view on first-class visuals. All in all, a total of 451,279 LED pixels are manipulated by MADRIX.

The interior design has been completely redecorated and tailored to the new lighting setup. Visual complements create a luxurious atmosphere using fashion-inspired themes. The complete lighting and stage setup allows for flexibility and provides customized and exclusive shows.

The overwhelming reception to AVLI's design reward the efforts and determination put forth by everyone involved.

The multi-million dollar redesign was revealed to the masses on January 21, 2012. A full two-day opening celebration was headed by none other than Deadmau5. This was the first opportunity for Mansion's top-notch production staff Graham Wheeler, Jorge Tellez, and Michael McEvoy to push the limits of the system. The team continues to perform nightly with spectacular visual results.


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