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Magic Touch! Acclaim's Interactive Cat Walk Panel LED Screen  Produces Images and Videos Upon “Touch” Command

Magic Touch! Acclaim's Interactive Cat Walk Panel LED Screen Produces Images and Videos Upon “Touch” Command

catwalk-fx.jpgLOS ANGELES – One touch is all it takes to unleash the sizzling possibilities of the new Cat Walk Panel from Acclaim Lighting. Just touch this interactive LED display screen, and images, colors, graphics and videos will be activated like magic, lighting up the dance floor, walls, theater, runway, stage, podium, bar counter, display area, building corridor – or anywhere you decide to put this innovative versatile panel.

The Cat Walk Panel is a 7.88” x 7.88” (200 x 200 mm) video panel containing 25 full-color 5050 SMD LEDs with the unique capability to respond to Touch Interface Control. Extremely flexible, this touch-sensitive panel offers inductive control, allowing users to set time (60ms minimum) and distance (0.79 inch / 20 mm maximum) parameters for the activation of its LEDs.

Featuring a 40mm pixel pitch, the Cat Walk Panel is compatible with both DMX-512 and DMX-1000K(1M) protocol and can be easily linked in multiples. Up to 24 pieces (600 pixels) can be connected per DMX-1000K controller, and up to 6 pieces (150 pixels) can be connected per DMX-512 – offering the ability to build interactive walls, floors and screens of all sizes.

When used in entertainment settings, the Cat Walk Panel will bring a new level of engagement to patrons and performers alike. Club goers will feel they're part of the show as they light up the dance floor with their fancy footwork, while entertainers and musicians can add a whole new dimension to their performance, conjuring up images and animations with one magic touch. Fashion models can light up the runway with each step, while trade show exhibitors can add a whole new level of video interactivity to their booths. The Cat Walk Panel can be installed on tabletops and counters, or used as an architectural element to create any type of environment desired in a building or venue. Its possibilities are limited only by your imagination -- but wherever this lightweight interactive panel goes, it's sure to be a true conversation piece.

“People today want to interact with the world around them – look at the rise of the social media. The touch-sensitive Cat Walk Panel fits right in with this trend,” said Eric Loader, Director of Sales for Acclaim Lighting. “It brings an interactive element anywhere it's installed.

“Imagine putting it on an entire wall of a club or a dance floor. Or what excitement and attention it can generate in a hotel, airport or any other architectural environment. The Cat Walk Panel is also great for the theatrical, stage, fashion, retail, trade show and display markets,” added Loader. “Its creative possibilities are virtually endless.”

Producing dazzlingly brilliant displays (915cd/sqm brightness), the Cat Walk's 3-in-1 SMD LEDs offer controllable color mixing with the ability to create 16.7 million colors. The panel features 12-bit color processing, a 1953 Hz refresh rate and a 120° viewing angle.

Despite its intense brightness and eye-popping interactive effects, the Cat Walk is very user-friendly and has minimal maintenance and energy requirements. When linked in multiples, it features convenient Auto DMX Addressing. Its LEDs will last for 50,000 hours under normal operating conditions, reducing the time and expense of lamp replacement. With a power draw of just 12 watts per panel, the Cat Walk Panel will help control energy costs too. Compact and lightweight, each panel measures 7.88” x 7.88” (200 x 200 mm), and weighs just 0.5 lb./ 225g.

Learn more about the amazing Cat Walk Panel by clicking link below to watch an instructional video.

For more information, contact Acclaim Lighting at 323-213-4626 or visit

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