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MAC III Profileâ„¢ Has All the Right Moves on Holland's “So You Think You Can Dance”

MAC III Profileâ„¢ Has All the Right Moves on Holland's “So You Think You Can Dance”

so-you-think-you-can-dance_0059-low.jpgLD HenkJan van Beek likes powerful beam, fast zoom

Martin Professional's Dutch distributor, Fairlight, took receipt of some of the first MAC III Profilesâ„¢ to roll off the production line in northern Denmark and promptly delivered them to Rent-All BV, one of the largest rental companies in Holland.

Rent-All in turn delivered the units via Chain, a leading Dutch lighting services company for television, film and entertainment events, to the set of “So You Think You Can Dance,” the Dutch version of the American dance reality show.

Produced by Kanakna Produkties and broadcast on RTL5 from Studio Baarn, a total of 19 MAC III Profiles are used to light the dance spectacle, which has a similar premise to the “Idol” series of singing competitions, with nationwide auditions leading to the discovery of the next big star.

Lighting Designer for the show is HenkJan van Beek of Light-H-Art who has placed the majority of the MAC III units in a truss above the set with two units located on the floor. Also used on the show are 23 Martin MAC 250 Washes and several conventional lighting units.

“It's a powerful dance competition and the MAC III units fit in the set quite well,” he says. “I wanted a bright powerful beam for this show rather than a lot of minor beams, so I chose the MAC III. I like the output and the fast zoom.

“For television the CTO correction is very useful and allows us to get the looks just right. Overall, I'm very happy with the units.”

Launched only earlier this fall, the MAC III Profile has already seen service on several tours and television productions. It is a super bright profile luminaire with an output of over 33,000 lumens and a unique fat beam look. As the first luminaire in Martin's third generation of MAC moving heads, it features an all new design both inside and out and a long list of innovative features including advances in control, handling, service and more.

Rent-All has recently taken delivery of even more units and now has 150 MAC III Profiles in its inventory.

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