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LumenRadio's OEM makes a Wizard Connection

LumenRadio's OEM makes a Wizard Connection

9wdmx.jpgLumenRadio, technology leader in wireless lighting controls, is proud to announce a new OEM partnership with Wizard Connection. The Orlando based company is a renowned manufacturer and provider of products and services ranging from the latest in green LED lighting systems to elaborate custom ice sculptures. Wizard Connection has integrated LumenRadio's CRMX OEM modules into its portable battery powered LED fixtures to offer unrivaled reliability, performance and convenience.

Ideal for special events, parties and exhibitions the handy fixtures eliminate troublesome cabling and facilitate placement in difficult locations. The 9W unit, designed to run for a minimum of 10hrs on a single charge, features integral controls for color, brightness, fades and presets. A double yoke system functions as a floor stand or simply add a c-clamp to hang the fixture into the rig.

Richard Painter, Director of Sales at Wizard Connection says, "Partnering with LumenRadio was an obvious decision for us. We do a lot of work with demanding clients, such as the major theme parks here in Orlando, and needed the most reliable wireless performance and the best range available. LumenRadio's CRMX technology was the only solution that could deliver on our expectations. We love the products!?

LumenRadio's CRMX offers unrivaled functionality such as Automated Cognitive Coexistence, error correction, data fidelity, 5 ms deterministic latency, encryption, exceptional range and coverage; as well as RDM (Remote Device Management).

"LumenRadio is happy to add Wizard Connection to our growing family of OEM partners. It is always gratifying to work with manufacturers that appreciate the value of performance and quality. We see a rapidly growing trend by manufacturers to integrate our CRMX technology into their devices", elaborates Hans Lau, Director of OEM and the Americas at LumenRadio.

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