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LumenRadio's CRMX travels with Østfold Teater

LumenRadio's CRMX travels with Østfold Teater

ostfold-teater-1.jpgLumenRadio's CRMX, the world's most reliable wireless DMX/RDM distribution system, is now a trusted member of the touring ensemble at Østfold Teater based in South-Eastern Norway.

This regional theater organization develops performances with specific appeal to children and youth and also co-produces many productions with talented independent theater groups. Part of their mandate is to bring dramatic theatre out to the people and that is done in the form of touring productions that play in local schools and performing arts centers.

The challenge is that most of these venues are not equipped to accommodate the sometimes-elaborate productions. Many of the venues, in particular the schools, also have Wi-Fi networks that need to be functional at all times and interference from visiting wireless systems is not acceptable.

The solution came in the form of a portable LumenRadio CRMX Nova system. Performing in a variety of venues without adequate infrastructure for DMX signal distribution is now possible thanks to the versatility and reliability of the CRMC technology.

The CRMX reliability and interference free operation is built on LumenRadio's proprietary Automated Cognitive Coexistence concept of which a key aspect is the Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) technology. The system continuously scans the wireless environment and avoids already used parts of the spectrum. This not only guarantees the best possible DMX distribution performance at all times, but also provides interference free operation in environments with heavy Wi-Fi and other wireless traffic.

"We continue to receive overwhelming positive feedback from users all around the world. A strong trend indicates that both small and large theaters now rely heavily upon our CRMX products for DMX and RDM distribution as they find out first hand that our products truly can replace cabled systems. Our Automated Cognitive Coexistence technology has proved to be unbeatable in crowded wireless environments", says Jessica Björk, Marketing Manager at LumenRadio.

Photo: Thomas Andersen/Østfold Teater

Performance: Play/Pause/Record, October 2011

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