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LumenRadio's CRMX Nova at Lund's City Theater

LumenRadio's CRMX Nova at Lund's City Theater

sweenytood.jpgLunds City Theater recently invested in the world's most reliable and versatile wireless DMX/RDM distribution system in the form of LumenRadio's CRMX Nova products.

Lund, located in the southern most part of Sweden, is home to Lund's University that was established in 1666 and is now one of Scandinavia's largest institutions for education and research. Dramatic and musical theater has long been a favorite pastime for the well-educated population and Lund's City Theater is the epicenter of the local performing arts life. Productions range from visiting avant-garde dramatic theater to locally produced crowd-pleasers like the recently featured musical Sweeney Todd.

When it was time to redo the signal distribution system for their main venue major considerations were ease and cost of installation, as well as the need to accommodate future expansions and new technologies such as Ethernet and RDM. The theater is located downtown and co-existence with other neighboring radio systems was an absolute requirement when it became obvious that a wireless system would represent the best technical and most cost efficient solution.

The technical staff identified LumenRadio's CRMX system as the only available technology that would meet all their practical requirements and also fit into their constrained budget. A wireless CRMX Nova DMX/RDM distribution system, comprising 1 dual universe transmitter and 7 single universe receivers, was installed after consultations with leading Swedish entertainment technology provider Hofmann Teknik AB.

Hofmann Teknik, LumenRadio distributor in Sweden, reports that the CRMX technology is rapidly becoming a must-have for large and small venues alike. "We experience a growing and very strong interest in reliable and trustworthy wireless lighting controls from theaters and other venues here in Sweden. Feedback we receive from the many satisfied customers often include "why didn't we go wireless with LumenRadio CRMX earlier". The decision to go wireless with LumenRadio's CRMX technology is often based on the outstanding reliability and the extensive features not matched by any other brand", elaborates Patric Nord, Operations Manager at Hofmann Teknik.

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