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LumenRadio's CRMX at 50-year anniversary

Stockholm City Theatre, the largest dramatic theatre in Scandinavia with close to 30 major productions in a typical year, relied heavily upon LumenRadio's CRMX wireless technology to pull off their musical performance of Aniara by writer and Nobel prize winner Harry Martinson. It opened on the day of the theatre's 50th anniversary to great acclaim from both critics and audiences.

Earlier in the year LumenRadio's award winning CRMX wireless technology also played a major part in the spectacular production of Kristina; a piece about one of Sweden's most controversial historical queens set in a modern scenography.

"We built custom stage props and elements with integrated battery powered LED lighting controlled by CRMX Nova receivers for both these shows. Aniara featured a two meter long translucent element representing a celestial body central to the storyline and carried around on stage by two actors during the performance. For Kristina we created fifteen giant letters, each 3 meter high, that moved to form different words during the show; every letter containing individual integrated LEDs and CRMX Nova units to provide easy control and color changing capabilities. Everything was wireless, battery powered, controlled by our lighting console, and worked perfectly!

The decision to rely on LumenRadio's CRMX products was obvious for these productions where any failure or glitch would have been very noticeable to the audience given the central visual role these elements played in the performances. We had previously used the CRMX Nova systems in many productions with great success and had confidence that their reliability would meet our stringent requirements. We could simply not have done this without the CRMX wireless technology," explains Tommy Leandersson, Stage Technician at Stockholm City Theatre.

"LumenRadio has worked closely with many end users during the development and testing of our CRMX technology and products, but we are particularly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with the experienced staff at the Stockholm City Theatre. Their creative efforts and technical prowess in these two performances showcased our CRMX technology in a spectacular way that pleased audiences and critics alike," comments Anders Ardstål, VPO of LumenRadio AB.

About LumenRadio

LumenRadio develops and markets next generation state-of-the-art wireless technology for the lighting industry. LumenRadio's CRMX is the most dependable wireless system on the market and is the only one to offer Automated Cognitive Coexistence. CRMX continuously and automatically adapts to the surrounding wireless environment, to never disturb or be disturbed by other wireless systems. LumenRadio offers a complete product portfolio of wireless lighting controls utilizing DMX, RDM, DALI, ArtNet, Streaming ACN, and other control and building management protocols for indoor, outdoor, and fixed installation markets world-wide. For more information about LumenRadio and CRMX products, please go to

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