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LumenRadio sprouts with all RDM installation

LumenRadio sprouts with all RDM installation

spira_01_foto_lars_kroon.jpgWhen renowned theater consultant Dick Hasselblad developed specifications for a new performing arts center named Spira, Swedish for sprout, he made sure that his design would match the building's spectacular modernistic exterior and include the latest and greatest state-of-the-art control technology.

Fully RDM (Remote Device Management) capable signal distribution and lighting systems surfaced an absolute requirement at an early stage of the design process. LumenRadio's CRMX Nova wireless DMX/RDM units with the accompanying SuperNova software became key ingredients of an extensive control and monitoring network that spans 4 stages. A large number of the CRMX Nova units throughout the building now allow centralized real time management and monitoring of all connected RDM equipment.

This facility is believed to be the first of its kind in Europe to be built from the ground up with an all encompassing infrastructure for RDM and the ability to reap the benefits from this technology that is rapidly becoming a must-have for stages, studios, a touring productions world-wide.

Spira is located in Jönköping, south-central Sweden, and is typical of such regional facilities with a concert hall, a proscenium theater, a black box theater, and a smaller stage featuring cabaret style seating and foodservice. Resident theater company Småland's Music & Theater (SMoT) will stage over 30 dramatic theater, dance, and music productions in its venues every year, but all of them were also designed to accommodate a wide variety of local and touring performing arts productions, regional and national music festivals, as well as community events for audiences of all sizes.

"Spira and SMoT are great examples of the rapidly growing number of Swedish theatre venues, performing arts centers, and independent theater companies that have invested in our CRMX wireless DMX/RDM systems. Multi-use facilities and touring productions are part of the backbone of the Swedish culture and represent applications where wireless systems provide significant benefits. We are very proud that so many of them have embraced our wireless technology in their pursuit of technical and artistic growth and development", said Anders Ardstål, VPO at LumenRadio AB.

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