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LumenRadio signs Rolight as CRMX distributor for the Netherlands

LumenRadio signs Rolight as CRMX distributor for the Netherlands

group-rolight-lumenradio.jpgLumenRadio, technology leader in wireless lighting controls, has appointed Rolight as the exclusive representative for their CRMX products in the Netherlands. Rolight is one of the country's largest distributors with an already impressive lineup of prestigious brands such as MA Lighting, Philips, Zero88, State Automation, Coolux and their own Admiral Lighting.

"We are very excited to take on the CRMX wireless lighting controls as they perfectly complement our other brands. The superior reliability, as well as the unique features offered by the CRMX technology, will allow our customers to take their indoor and outdoor installations to the next level", explains Rick Jannink of Rolight and continuous "We are especially enthusiastic about CRMX SuperNova and its RDM controller functionality which brings wireless bi-directional control and feedback to many of our current products. We believe RDM is the future of both Entertainment and Architainment installations; with CRMX the future has arrived."

LumenRadio's multi-award winning CRMX products have enjoyed tremendous popularity worldwide. They have redefined reliability and functionality in wireless lighting controls. The CRMX brand includes a comprehensive range of products to meet rigorous demands in applications ranging from professional entertainment touring to permanent outdoor architectural installations.

"Rolight has proven their dedication to bringing the wireless revolution to the Netherlands and we expect great things from their impressive rollout plan they have planned for CRMX. There will be a kick start and an open house March 14th at Rolight demonstrating LumenRadio and the benefits of RDM. We enjoy working with ambitious distributors who dedicate themselves to bringing best-of-class products and support to their customers, and in Rolight we have just that. Dutch customers will soon enjoy being reliably wireless as other CRMX devotees across the globe have already experienced", elaborates Anders Ardstål VPO of LumenRadio.

For more information about Rolight and the open house, please visit

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