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LumenRadio & RDM at PLASA

LumenRadio, a technology leader in wireless lighting controls, will showcase its RDM products and OEM partners at this year's PLASA show. Remote Device Management, RDM, is an extension of DMX that allows bi-directional communication for configuration and monitoring of equipment typically found in entertainment applications and also in many architectural lighting systems.

The company released the first wireless DMX/RDM product based on its wireless CRMX technology in 2009. It has since then completed hundreds of successful installations all over the world and added wired RDM connectivity in the form of the Unity extension. Integral to the success is also SuperNova; a powerful and ever evolving software application that offers a feature rich RDM controller and an easy to use graphical user interface; putting the power of this technology into the hands of the everyday user.

Lighting industry heavyweight Robe, a pioneer in the implementation of RDM by a major moving lights and LED manufacturer, became early partners in the quest to spread the technology and its benefits to the marketplace at large. Robe added wireless RDM capabilities to the upper end of its product range at an early stage and has continued to expand the offering to include the majority of their products under both the Robe and Anolis brands.

Wybron, a true force in the world of RDM and renowned manufacturer of color-changers and LED fixtures, recently added LumenRadio's wireless CRMX technology to extend the reach of their own RDM technology beyond traditional wired systems.

“RDM has undoubtedly reached critical mass in the industry and a level of acceptance among manufacturers, specifiers, and user that already has opened up a world of commercial opportunities for us.” says Niclas Norlén, CTO at LumenRadio, “We continue as PLASA member to allocate substantial resources to the RDM standards work and it is great to see that this work has paid off. We are convinced that this is just the beginning of a remarkable transition in the world of entertainment and lighting control and we intend to stay at the very forefront of this exciting and rapidly evolving development.”

You can experience LumenRadio's RDM and sACN products in action at PLASA's official RDM connectivity area at stand 2-R4; as well as the entire CRMX indoor and outdoor product range at LumenRadio's own booth 1-F43. LumenRadio sales and engineering staff will be present to offer hands-on live demonstrations and answer any question you might have. See you in London!

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