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LumenRadio partner with 0energyLIGHTING Inc

LumenRadio partner with 0energyLIGHTING Inc

dimonad.jpgLumenRadio, technology leader in wireless lighting controls, is proud to announce 0energyLIGHTING Inc as its newest OEM partner. The US based company is a renowned manufacturer of the FlexAray Stage and Studio LED luminaries with its unique patent pending hexagonal shape. This design allows multiple units to be connected along each of their sides to create different configurations for a variety of applications.

All fixtures from the unique product portfolio, RGBaW, Variable White and Static White fixtures, will now be available with integrated CRMX technology.

RGBaW color changing fixtures employ a combination of red, green, blue, amber and white LEDs for a full range of output options. Through its proprietary design, not only can RGBaW create beautiful saturated colors, but it can also produce earth tones and pastel colors that are rarely achieved by LED's.

Variable White fixtures have a color temperature range of 2700K-5600K, which allows for it to be used in a variety of applications. Static White 3200K*, 4400K*, and 5600K* fixtures can be used to replace traditional tungsten and HMI lighting and are designed for use in film, television, events, studios, and photography applications.

"LumenRadio is happy to add 0energyLIGHTING's FlexAray fixture line to our growing family of OEM partners that have chosen to integrate the CRMX technology into their products. We look forward to this new partnership and the opportunities it brings with great expectations", says Hans Lau, Director of OEM at LumenRadio.

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