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LumenRadio installation wins Swedish Lighting Award 2012

LumenRadio installation wins Swedish Lighting Award 2012

gotaplatsen_cmyk.jpgGötaplatsen, a major plaza and focal point for cultural activities in the city of Gothenburg as well as home to a large LumenRadio CRMX system, was recently awarded the prestigious 19th Swedish Lighting Award.

The plaza, located at the end of the Kungsports Avenue, is lined by 3 large civic buildings; the Gothenburg City Theater, the City Art Museum, and the Gothenburg Concert Hall. The area was renovated last year with particular emphasis on improved and coordinated illumination as a part of a citywide plan to enhance the visual environment in major public spaces.

LumenRadio's wireless CRMX technology was deployed to extend the reach of DMX and RDM distribution to all parts of the comprehensive lighting system on and around the plaza without any disruptive and costly construction work.

The roof of the City Art Museum does duty as the central transmitter site and IP65 rated CRMX Slim receivers are strategically placed around the plaza to avoid any cabling between buildings, lighting poles, and fixtures. This allowed the team of designers; Lars Fredén, Iben Winther Orton, Vladan Paunovic, Linda Fagerström, and Eric Eliasson at Ramböll Sverige AB, to maintain an uncluttered appearance and to keep the technical infrastructure invisible to the largest extent possible.

The annual Swedish Lighting Award is organized by Sydsvenska, Västsvenska and Swedish Lighting Societies in cooperation with lighting magazine Ljuskultur. The award aims to highlight projects where lighting has been used in an exemplary and innovative manner. The jury assesses the visual, aesthetic, functional, technical, operational, and economic aspects of each project.

This year, Götaplatsen competed with finalists such as Scandic Hotel Grand Central in Stockholm, E-Huset at Lund University and Halmstad Regional Bus Terminal.

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