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LumenRadio is a Hardcore Superstar

LumenRadio is a Hardcore Superstar

hardcoresuperstar_20101007_mj_0400c.jpgHardcore Superstar is one of Sweden's most popular band in the hard rock genre with a very distinctive musical and visual identity. The merry quartet from outside Gothenburg has after seven albums and seven world tours grown to be a headline act at many European festivals. The group has also toured with some of the greatest hard rock legends such as AC/DC and Motörhead.

When lighting designer Henke Hjälm, together with Hans Ekdahl at HELL Produktion AB, wanted to bring along a wireless DMX/RDM system on the band's extensive European tour; the obvious choice was LumenRadio's CRMX Nova RDM.

CRMX with its Automated Cognitive Coexistence was identified as the only wireless system that could provide the level of performance and reliability required for the group's very energetic, fast phased and almost theatrical stage performances.

"A major concern was all the other wireless systems present in and around the concerts venues and the fact that the radio environment would change with every venue they played. The CMRX system from LumenRadio was able to dynamically and intelligently avoid interference with other wireless traffic, while simultaneously raising the bar for performance and reliability, which is critical for all touring live productions," comments Hans Ekdahlhardcoresuperstar_20101007_mj_0120b.jpg.

"We are once again proud to have proven the reliability of our CRMX technology in a very demanding live concert touring application. Receiving such great feedback from professional users validates our effort to design and manufacture the best and most reliable wireless DMX/RDM system there is. This is the best kind of encouragement we can receive and it spurs us to continue our quest to further enhance and develop our technology," said Anders Ardstål, VPO of LumenRadio.

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